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I haven't done a damn thing with this site in over a year! I guess it has something to do with that thing called "priorities"! Anyway, this hasn't made it to that list yet. I sit here at this damn computer at 00:23 on a Sunday morning suffering from insomnia, so what better way to help me get to sleep than to bore myself into it! I took a whopping "0" pictures last year (hope my camera still works!) but I do plan on getting some new pictures to update this thing this coming summer. 2003 SUCKED big time! The gulf stream never moved in, the visibility was horrific, and the sharks (all species) were everywhere, so that put a slight damper on spear fishing! My wish would be for 2004 to be a 180 degree shift from last year! Hopefully my son and his rock band will give me some time off to do some diving also! Anyway, don't look for bigger and brighter things from this web page and you won't be disappointed! If there are some positive changes, then you can be surprised! Anyway, thanks for visiting this thing, I appreciate it and hope to see you on the water!!!!!

If you want to be entertained, or you entertain easily, read the story "Capt. Lars goes to SC. to become a licensed Captain", or something like that! Just click on the different colored text. Stay tuned for further misadventures of the "Pirate's Dream and her Crew". Also check out the new section called "Cap'n Lars Manifest" located at the bottom of the page on the last porthole!

To view the Lee County Ga. Fire Dept. Search/Rescue Team, Click Here

I'll be adding pictures from wrecks as I get them. You can view some of the pictures I've already taken and learn about some of their history, (and a little bit of current babble) by clicking on the button below (Shipwrecks).


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